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Lockouts are probably the most common reason that people call a home locksmith in San Antonio. Whether you left your keys at work, just inside the door, or in a hotel room on the other side of the world, you’re stuck outside your own home. Don’t try to squeeze through the doggie door – just call a qualified residential locksmith.

We are able to pick most locks using professional lock picking tools. However, if we’re not able to pick your lock, (as is the case with smart locks), we will drill it. This punctures a hole in your lock, which means that you will need to replace it once you get inside.

As a residential locksmith, our San Antonio team can get you back into your home quickly and easily so that a lockout is only a minor inconvenience instead of a major problem. Speak with the San Antonio locksmith pros today.

Rekeying Your House
Home Locksmith Services

When you move into a new house, you want to make sure that you’re the only one with access. You certainly don’t want the former homeowners or renters to still have keys. One of the first things to do is have your home rekeyed. Usually, a good residential locksmith – like us – can do this without even replacing the locks, making it a very affordable choice. We can rekey most locks in just a few minutes and ensure that you are the only one with keys to your home.

There are many other situations where you might want to rekey your locks. For example, you might have loaned a key to someone that you no longer trust, such as an ex-partner. You might have lost a key, meaning that you now have no idea who might have access to your house. Maybe a house sitter or dog walker had a copy of your key, and you want to make sure they can no longer enter your home. Rekeying is a great way to make sure your house is as secure as possible. 

rekey home doors

Change Mailbox Locks

The more use a lock receives, the more worn it becomes. When the keys and locks are small, like they are on mailboxes, it becomes even more important to take good care of them. Replacing a mailbox or cabinet lock is a slightly different process than replacing a door lock, but it’s one that you can count on a commercial locksmith to do a great job with. You might also want to replace the lock on a mailbox if you are changing who it belongs to – we can handle that no matter the circumstances.

Replacing Your Doors Locks

Of course, there are times you might want to replace your locks entirely instead of simply rekeying them. As a residential locksmith, we recommend doing this if your locks are getting worn or difficult to use. If your locks are wearing out, it can be easier for someone to break in, or for the locks to stop functioning entirely.

If you have experienced a break-in or attempted break-in, it’s a good idea to replace your locks to make sure that you have the most secure lock technology available installed on your home. It’ll make you safer and help you sleep better at night when you have locks that are approved by a qualified residential locksmith.

Broken House Keys - Our Locksmiths Can Help

It doesn’t happen often, but that feeling when you go to turn your key, and it breaks in half instead is one of the most frustrating ones. Not only is your door now unusable, but you also can’t even use the key to get yourself in through another entry. Broken keys happen when your keys are old or worn from constant use, which is why it’s a good idea to replace your keys occasionally.

When a key breaks, your first call should be to a great home locksmith. You might think that you can extract the key yourself, but this is a delicate process and could end up causing more damage to your lock. It’s a better idea to get a professional San Antonio home locksmith to help you.

As San Antonio residential locksmiths, we take pride in helping our clients feel safe and secure in their homes.  Call us today for help with your San Antonio home locksmith needs. Also own a business? Our local commercial locksmith service can help protect your company.

Your home is where you should feel safe. It’s where you raise your family and keep your most prized possessions, and you want to be confident that no one will be getting in without you inviting them. That’s why a good residential locksmith is so essential.

As a home locksmith in San Antonio, Alert Lock & Key can make you feel completely safe in your home. With us, you can count on your locks being totally secure. We take our residential locksmith work seriously because we know that both your money and your family is at stake. 

Residential locksmith services are required for many reasons, and you can count on Alert Lock. Contact our residential locksmiths pros for a quick estimate.

Alarm Installation by Locksmith Pros

The most evident use for an alarm system is to prevent thieves from entering your home. In fact, most robbers say that they avoid attempting to break into any home with a residential security system. They know that these systems make it much more difficult for them to get away with their crimes. According to the FBI, the average loss per burglary offense is $2,361. This means investing in a surveillance system is a great way to protect yourself from a major financial loss.Own a business? Our local commercial locksmith service can help protect your company.

No one likes to think about the possibility of someone doing harm to our families, and most burglars enter homes thinking they are empty. However, if they find themselves in the position to find people inside, that can sometimes result in violent behavior. A security system can provide your family with a warning to get themselves to a safe place or out of the home, and away from danger. Contact our residential locksmiths for a quick estimate.