Access Control San Antonio

Access Control San Antonio

More Convenient

When you install a smart lock, you don’t need to be physically at your door to lock or unlock it. If you left your house in a rush and forgot to lock the door, you don’t need to turn around and make yourself late to work. Just use your app, and you can secure your house while staying on schedule.

The convenience factor goes the other way, too. If you have a service provider, such as a house cleaner, coming while you are out of the house, you don’t need to provide them with a copy of your key. You can just remotely unlock the door when they arrive, and then lock it again when they leave. That way, you can be sure no one will be able to access your house without you knowing about it. Alert Lock provides one of the top rated home access control systems in San Antonio.

Streamline Access

You might want to have more careful control of who is able to enter your home and when. Many smart locks allow you to give out as many digital keys as you need to, and be able to control when those keys work and don’t work. For example, your dog walkers key could only work between one and three in the afternoon on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Maybe your teen’s keys don’t work after midnight. Perhaps you have a house guest visiting, so you give them a key that works all the time, and then revoke access when they head home after a week. You can have total control of who is able to enter your home and when.

Custom Home Access Control

Easy to “Change the Locks”

Even when you’re working with a great locksmith, changing locks or rekeying takes time and money. If you need to regularly update who has access to your home or office, a smart lock can be a great solution. Alert Lock & Key provides a great custom home access control installation that fits your needs and exceeds expectations.

For example, if you run an Airbnb, you can install a lock with coded entry. Then, you can change that code after each guest leaves. That way, you’ll be sure that only currently paying guests have access to your space, and that there aren’t spare keys floating around the country.

Or, if you run a business, you can give each employee an access card. When an employee leaves the company, simply remove access for their card. You don’t need to change all the locks and hand out new keys every time you have a change in personnel, just click a few buttons, and it’s done.

Extra Security

Smart locks are much more difficult to break through than standard locks. While thieves are used to confronting standard locks and might even own lock picking tools, smart locks can outsmart the criminals. They use similar security standards to those used in banking, which means that their encryption can’t be hacked. Most burglars will simply move one when they see a smart lock. They’re looking for an easy mark, and they can tell that your house won’t be it.


Installing smart locks means there’s one less thing for you to worry about losing while ensuring that your house will be as secure as possible. There are a wide variety of smart lock options on the market, and by working with a great San Antonio locksmith, you can be sure that you’ll find the one that fits your lifestyle the best, whether that’s a retrofit, a Bluetooth model, a pin code model, or something else. We’ll explain the various options and help you make the right choice for your home or office.

Then, we’ll set up and install the entire smart lock system. Due to their advanced technology, smart locks can be a little more challenging to install than standard locks. That’s why you should use a qualified locksmith do the initial installation. We’ll make sure you understand how to use your locks to keep your space secure. Alert Lock is one of the top San Antonio’s access control installers.

No matter how good your lock is, it doesn’t do you any good if your key gets into the wrong hands, or out of your hands. Maybe you loan out your key to service providers, and then have to continually change the locks to make sure there aren’t copies floating around. Maybe your kids are notorious for losing their keys and locking themselves out of the house. Perhaps you want to prevent disgruntled former employees from having access to your offices. That’s why you need a smart lock. They’re extra secure and can control access to any door effectively, but that isn’t their only benefit.