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Your residential and commercial locks are only as good as the doors and windows that they’re attached to. If they’re easy to break through, potential intruders won’t even bother with trying to break your locks, they’ll just break the entire door or window.

That’s why your doors need to be a part of your security consideration. Luckily, Alert Lock & Key offers doors, hardware, and installation. Whether you need barn door hardware, sliding door hardware, or front door hardware, you can count on us to install doors that will keep you and your loved ones absolutely safe and secure. We also offer commercial door locks that will protect your business from potential theft.

Energy and Money Saving

Security isn’t the only reason to replace your door. It could also save you major money on your energy bills. Old doors tend to be drafty so you might be allowing tons of heated or cooled air to escape your home. As doors settle, they can leave small gaps between the door and the wall, allowing air to escape.

Old doors also tend to be less insulated, which means it’s easier for heat to escape even if there are not any cracks. Replacing your door and door hardware can result in major savings – possibly even enough to pay for the upgrade itself. The added benefit to the environment is just a bonus.
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Easier to Use

You might also need to replace your door if it has become difficult to use. If you’re constantly trying to yank your door open or shove it into place, a new one will be much easier to use. Your commercial door handle is the first thing people experience when they enter your business, so you want to make sure your front door hardware works smoothly. Plus, you’ll be able to count on it to work when you need it to. Imagine hearing your fire alarm go off and not being able to open your front door to get out. Functioning doors can be an important safety concern.

If your door hardware has been seriously damaged, it’s obviously time for a replacement. No matter how the door was damaged, we can replace it quickly and easily. You can choose between the many options we offer, including barn door hardware and sliding door hardware.

Improve Accessibility

A new front door is also a way to improve accessibility. If your current door is too narrow for a wheelchair, has a high threshold, or has a knob handle instead of a lever, it can be difficult for some people to use it. When you replace it with a more accessible version, you’ll see the benefits every day. Your commercial door hardware should make it easy for people to enter your business.

More Curb Appeal

Finally, a new door can also dramatically improve your house’s curb appeal. If you’re considering selling your home, replacing the front door with a stylish new option can help you get the price that you’re looking for. In the meantime, you’ll appreciate the improved look every time you walk into your house.

Doors for Construction and Schools

We specialize in installing doors and hardware for construction sites and schools. Currently we’re working on 1000+ door installs at multiple locations across South Texas.

How To Choose The Perfect Door

Picking the perfect door can be challenging as there are many options for door materials. Traditionally, most doors were made of wood. However, there are a few problems with using wood for your exterior doors, especially in terms of security.

Burglars have reported that they are most likely to attack houses with wooden doors because they are easy to kick down. Secondly, wood doors require a lot of maintenance to protect them from weathering. Finally, they also have minor insulation ability so you will be spending more on heating and cooling your home – which can get very expensive when you live in San Antonio!

We typically recommend fiberglass composite and steel doors. These doors are made to last for decades and usually, have an insulating layer. They can be painted or stained to resemble wood on the surface, so even if you live in an older home you can enjoy the benefits of a modern door without sacrificing curb appeal. No matter what door material you choose, you can select from between various options, including barn door hardware and sliding door hardware, for a stylish look.

Getting a New Door

If you already know it’s time for a new door, the next question is how you will install it. Unfortunately, installing a door can be complicated. You need to make sure the fit is correct, check the jamb, insert shims, hang it straight on its hinges, adjust the threshold, replace damaged casing, and do so quickly so that you are not without a door for too long.

However, there’s no need to stress out about door installation when you work with Alert Lock & Key. Our professionals can install your door and hardware for you quickly and securely so that you can be reaping the benefits of your new door in no time.

Just like your roof, appliances, and other parts of your home, doors don’t last forever. At some point, every door that came with your home will need to be replaced. So instead of waiting for that to happen, plan ahead. Besides, there are a ton of benefits of getting a new door.